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Goggles Boggles: Applications of Google Maps mashup game for Journalism

Goggles lets you fly a cartoon airplane over 21 locations, drawing its imagery from Google Maps. The plane is controlled using the arrow keys, speed is controlled with A and Z, and you can even fire by hitting the space bar.

How does this apply to journalism?

What if you could simulate the flight of a plane crash? Follow the path of the planes, see the landmarks, etc? Simulate air-bombing in the Middle East (or wherever)?

Maybe that’s brushing too close to reality for some, but wouldn’t you want to see the detailed flight path of a burning plane?

Take it out of the context of planes. How about trains and automobiles? People?

Kim’s wilderness wanderings could be followed as if we were right there. Tagged wildlife could be viewed anywhere without leaving the comfy chair at your desk.

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