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Guest Editors on YouTube: Training for the future?

YouTube will be selecting one user each month to be the Editor of the YouTube homepage. Participants will submit 10 videos they think belong on the homepage, along with a video of themselves explaining their choices.

Finally, we’re opening up the programming of our home page to guest editors. We’ll pick one user a month to take over for a few days. All you’ll have to do is send us 10 videos you’d like to place on home (make sure they adhere to the terms of service!) along with a short video about why you chose what you did and how you found the experience. If you’re interested in participating, please let me know.

via the YouTube Blog

I assume there would be a way to discern how successful each participant is in selecting “good” videos for the YouTube homepage, be it page views, comments, whathaveyou. Allowing a YouTube member to be the Editor of the homepage may also bring insights into what the community wants, as well as the individual’s preferences. Could a brief stint as the Editor of a popular page result in an unexpected learning experience? Participants also have to describe the experience in their personal video, so maybe we’ll find out.

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