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Video Killed the Radio Star

…and maybe print news?

For my semester project in Communications on the Internet, we were encouraged to make use of multimedia on our Web sites. Professor Carlson encouraged us to scour YouTube for relevant videos, provided that including them would not be an infringement of copyright.

Guess what? YouTube ain’t the only thing out there.

Video Jug‘s upload system looks as easy as YouTube’s, with superior quality. The site’s focus is on creating “how to” videos, their tagline is “Life Explained On Film.”

Toufee is an online video editor which turns your videos into flash presentations. You don’t even have to know what flash is to get this running.

Spresent helps you create flash presentations right in your browser, using built-in or custom animation. They have a library of clip art and you can also use your own pictures.

Just more examples of how the Internet dissolves barriers to entrance into the worlds of professionals. These amateur-friendly sites may not produce the next great filmmaker or flash artist. Or they might. It just has to be “good enough,” right?

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