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Adventure in Computerland #78935

::shakes fist at Microsoft::

Ever since I got my computer running again, Windows crashes every time I try to play a song or a video. Granted, I’m only really using this partition to run Dreamweaver, but coding without tunes? Not gonna happen.

So I get a hold of the motherboard cd, and reinstall the correct drivers. Aha! Now the music flows.

Pop-up window: “Since installing Windows, you’ve made serious changes to the hardware. Please re-activate Windows.”

::shrug:: *Why does re-installing drivers make my Windows activation invalid?*

::click:: “This cd key has expired. Please enter a new key.”

Huh? Come on now, I’m one of the few computer savvys I know who actually uses a legal version of Windows. And I’m punished for it because it took me a while to find a working driver?
This is ridiculous.

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