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Please, sir, I want some more.

Clicking randomly around the web isn’t always a waste of time. Today I discovered the website for the synagogue my parents belong to in Miami.

I don’t know who set it up, but it is quite literally just text on a page and some pictures in tables. It made me go “Squick.”

So I called my father, who has over the last 3-4 years become really involved in the goings-on, and asked him to propose to the Board of Directors that I redesign the site. Although I used to work there, all of the people I knew have moved on; the proposal would be taken more seriously coming from my father than from some punk college kid 300 miles away.

Whether or not they offer me money, it’ll be a great chance to play around with design ideas and add to my portfolio. I’m planning on trying to talk them into putting at least part of the monthly synagogue newsletter on the site as well. I’m pretty sure no one there has any real experience with maintaining a website, so I may have just created a long-term job for myself.

5/4/2009 Update: I never did get this gig, and the site still squicks me out.

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