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To Keep on Writing

After this semester, I’ll have finished most of the hardcore writing classes for my journalism major.
After this semester, I won’t be writing on a weekly basis anymore.

As soon as those two thoughts slid through the grey matter between my ears, I panicked. I sat down in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the journalism building and tried not to think about the sleepless nights, the incessant butterflies, the paranoia (does that comma need to be there?!), and the feeling of supreme satisfaction at the churning sound of the printer spitting out a decent bit of wordsmithing.

And so I made a decision. I joined the UF Newsies. It appears that it was a decision well-made. The small group produces campus-oriented articles, and as of January will be hooking up with the Gainesville Sun, where I’ll get to implement my newly hard-earned AP Style while maintaining my own voice.

After this semester, the writing don’t stop.

P.S. I swear the A-grafs were unintentional.

5/4/2009 Update: I wrote for the UF Newsies for a semester and then started working at The Independent Florida Alligator, where I was new media staff and eventually online managing editor. The writing slowed to a molasses crawl, except for on this blog.

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