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An Adventure in Computerland

I mentioned that the hard drive in my desktop computer had died. For two weeks I ran it off the Ubuntu Live CD while I waiting for a new hard drive to come in. I gasped in awe of the 250 GB I got for $75. Yay, Newegg.
So today, the hard drive came in. While I was putzing around, I played with my laptop for a bit, which has also not been working. Through a magical combination of random keys that I hit in frustration, the thing came to life. Since I don’t remember what I did, I won’t be restarting it for a while.
Then to the desktop. I realize I don’t have the right power cord, call a friend, it’s on it’s way. Said friend takes over my feeble attempts to do things myself and soon, I have my computer back: a beautiful dual-boot of Ubuntu and Windows.
Le sigh. Glee.

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